Landlord Credit Bureau Shares Their Top Tips For Improving The Landlord-Tenant Relationship

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Long-Term Rentals Take Work — Landlord Credit Bureau Explains How To Keep The Landlord-Tenant Relationship Solid

TORONTO, ON / / July 29, 2021

Many landlords and tenants alike have struggled with creating a positive landlord-tenant relationship. From wanting repairs to wanting rent on time, there are many issues that can cause a rift between property owners and renters. Landlord Credit Bureau understands how important it is for a landlord and tenant to get along — landlords enjoy the possibility of working with the same tenant over multiple years, and renters enjoy a positive relationship and a great reference when it’s time to move somewhere new.

Thankfully, Landlord Credit Bureau is sharing a few tips on how to keep the landlord-tenant relationship as positive for both parties as possible.

Tip #1: Be quick to honor requests.
This applies to both the landlord and tenant sides of the relationship. When a landlord asks a tenant to pay a bill or address an issue on the property, it’s important for the tenant to do so as soon as possible. When a tenant has an issue with the property that needs repair, it’s important that the landlord is responsive and provides fast service.

Some issues — such as broken-down appliances or safety problems — need immediate attention, while other issues can wait a bit longer. According to Landlord Credit Bureau, landlords should try to respond to non-emergency tenant issues on the same day if possible, or no later than 24 hours later.

Tip #2: Respect one another’s time and privacy.
It’s important that a landlord never barges into a property unannounced, and tenants must respect a landlord’s time as well. Landlords need to give formal advanced notice before entering the premises, even to perform routine repairs.

When calling a landlord, tenants should do their best to reach out during regular business hours. One exception: when there’s an emergency or an issue that could cause damage to the property (such as a leak), it’s essential to call the landlord right away, regardless of the time.

Tip #3: Be open and honest.
On both ends of the tenant-landlord relationship, honesty is the best policy. If a tenant can’t pay their rent on time, they must work with their landlord to create an alternative solution.

If a landlord needs to raise a complaint about a tenant, Landlord Credit Bureau recommends that they talk with them directly in a calm and respectful manner. While open communication about issues can be difficult initially, it’s vital for a long-lasting positive, professional relationship.

The bottom line: the tenant-landlord relationship can be a tenuous one, but it doesn’t have to be, according to Landlord Credit Bureau. Mutual respect, honesty, and a willingness to honor promises can go a long way in bolstering the relationship between a landlord and a tenant.

While improving a credit score can be hard work, it’s well worth the effort. Working with Landlord Credit Bureau is a great step in the right direction for those who want to improve their scores with rent reporting.

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